Difference Between Abs and Six Packs (With Table)

Abs and Six-Packs refer to the physique of the body. They not only make a person more desirable but also give good health. But it is very difficult to go through all the pain and suffering to make abs and six-packs.

Abs vs Six Packs

The basic difference between Abs and Six-Packs is that abs refer to exercised abdominal muscles present in the stomach. On the other hand, six-packs refer to the cleaning of fats from the abs muscles. Six-packs are about growing muscles on well-toned muscles.

Difference Between Abs and Six Packs

Abs are the most important part of the stomach as they not only provide a good look but also maintain the posture of the body. Abs workout is very easy and anyone can perform the related exercise. These exercises do not ask for a fat burn from the stomach.

Six-packs give a perfect tone to a human body. It is the pack of six visible muscles on the stomach. Six-packs workout is very tough to follow. These exercises involve fat burning. There are a lot of benefits of six-pack packs like improving health, reducing stress, and giving good posture.

Comparison Table Between Abs and Six-packs

PropertiesAbsSix Packs
DefinitionAbs are the muscles present in the stomach of a body.Six-packs are the pack of abs present in the belly region of the torso.
TimeAbs take not much longer to create.Creating Six-packs takes a much longer time, and one has to go through hard exercise than abs.
Fat BurningAbs do not require a human being to burn belly fat.Six-packs require the burning of fat from the belly. 
InvolvementAbs are not six-packs.Six-packs are abs. 
ExerciseThe exercises for creating are leg raises, planks, crunches etc.The exercises for creating six-packs are planks, weight lifting, dead bugs etc.
FoodOne needs to eat food that is high in protein like milk and nonveg. Foods rich in every nutrient are recommended like fruits, meat, beef, fish, egg, green vegetables. Sometimes it is also recommended to drink protein shakes.

What are Abs?

As it refers to the abdominal muscles. These muscles are also called core muscles. The muscles of the abs run vertically to the abdomen. Each person on the planet has abs and they are visible once the fat from the body gets removed.

Abdominal muscles are the collection of various muscles like Rectus Abdominis, Internal Obliques, External Obliques, Transversus Abdominis, and Hip Flexor. These muscles are found in the parts of the rib cage, hip area, and belly area. 

The transverse Abdominis are harder to see and go from side to side. These muscles give strength to the torso. External Obliques help the torso in twisting and are present on the upper stomach. Internal Obliques support external Obliques in twisting of the torso. The last one Rectus Abdominis has two muscles and they look six-packs and eight packs.

Therefore, all the parts keep the stomach flat and tight. It is important to note that it is tougher for females to get abs than males because the male body has comparatively more muscle mass. There are various exercises that you can perform to get abs like Bicycle Maneuver, Captain’s chair, Cardio exercises etc.

What are Six Packs?

When a sheet of muscles covers the abdominal wall, they form six-packs. Six-packs are present underneath the surface of fat layers. They are invisible to most humans but they can even be present genetically. This means that a 15-year-old boy can have six-packs because of his genetics.

Six-packs are the one sheet of muscle that runs to the pubic bone from the rib cage. This sheet of muscle is called the Rectus Abdominis, which is supported by the internal obliques, external obliques, and erector spinae. Therefore, creating six-packs not only makes any person desirable but also increases height, strength, and health.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of having six-packs. The advantages of having six-packs are. These are very appealing and can make the centre of crowd attention. One can feel very energetic, healthy, alive, confident, because of the presence of less fat. 

There are many advantages as well. For instance, one needs to constantly exercise to maintain the six-pack. One needs to eat according to the nutrient level. 

Most of the people have eight packs though some have eight packs and twelve-packs as well. The female body needs more fat than a male body because of several reasons like estrogen production, optimum energy levels, and healthy fertility. This is why it is tough for a woman’s body to get six-packs. A female had to work way harder than a male to get six-packs.

Main Differences Between Abs and Six Packs

  1. Abdominal Fats is present in Abs. On the other hand, less fat is present over the surface of the abdominal muscles.
  2. Abs are not six-packs. On the other hand, six-packs are abs. 
  3. Abs improves the abdominal muscles in the stomach. On the other hand, six-packs improve and change the overall performance of the body like physique, confidence, strength etc.
  4. Abs already exist in the body of a human under the abdominal fats. On the other hand, six-packs are created by working out in the gym.
  5. The exercises for creating abs are not tough. On the other hand, the exercises for creating six-packs are tough.
  6. Abs signify a toned stomach. On the other hand, six-packs make the abdomen look stronger and bigger.


Abs and Six-packs generally refer to the same thing. In a context, Abs are six-packs. Abs refers to the abdominal muscles. While six-packs are about growing strong muscles on abs. Both of these provide a good look to the body. And a person has to go through hard exercises to get abs and six-packs.


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