Difference Between Abu Dhabi and Jerusalem (With Table)

Abu dhabi town is 972 km2 in size. The town had a population of 1.45 million individuals in 2021. It is the largest emirate in UAE.Jerusalem is a town placed in modern Israel and is taken into account by several to be one amongst the holiest places within the world.

Abu Dhabi vs Jerusalem

The main difference between Abu Dhabi and Jerusalem is that Jerusalem has been captured and restored consistently through absolutely exclusive oldsters and governments and Abu Dhabi had constantly been beneath one ruler. Abu Dhabi is largely a monotheistic religion that’s Islam even though it is a lay vicinity while Jerusalem has three fundamental religions.

Abu Dhabi vs Jerusalem

Spread over 67,340 sq. km, Abu Dhabi is the largest emirate in the UAE. With 200 islands and a coastline stretching across 700 km, the city enjoys a significant prominence in the UAE.Abu Dhabi has made itself known worldwide for holding Formula 1 races. The capital has a state-of-the-art, luxurious racing circuit and some of the most famous races in the world have taken place here.

On the other hand Jerusalem is one of six administrative districts of Israel. The district capital is Jerusalem. The Jerusalem District has a land area of 652 km2.Jerusalem is a city located in modern-day Israel and is considered by many to be one of the holiest places in the world. Jerusalem is a site of major significance for the three largest monotheistic religions: Judaism, Islam and Christianity, and both Israel and Palestine have claimed Jerusalem as a capital city.

Comparison Table Between Abu Dhabi and Jerusalem

Parameters of Comparison  Abu DhabiJerusalem
Area972 sq. Kilometer125.1 sq. kilometer
Capital city ofUAE IsrealIsrael, but Palestine conjointly claims its authority over Jerusalem  
Religion followedIslamJudaism,Islam,Christianity
Yearly profitsVery excessivelow
Geographical Land   IslandPlateau  

What is Abu Dhabi?

The capital and federal middle of the United Arab Emirates is past query the most elegant city inside the international Abu Dhabi, consists of a populace of 1.5million and gives domestic to many oil companies and agents, but the realm is a playground for many of the international’s main tourists.

The Emirates capital from all seven UAE Emirates is Abu Dhabi.It is split into 2 Arabic words, “Abu” because of this that father, and “Dhabi” in historic Arabic because of this that cervid.

What is Jerusalem?

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, and one of a number of the richest towns on records and it is the largest city inside the international. It is presently the capital of the kingdom of Israel designed on a slim, mineral-rich highland among 2 vital elements.

It is ready among the Mediterranean and most requested over the ocean, the Dead Sea.The three fundamental religions are nonetheless practiced inside the Arab geographic region, geographic region is considered vital in Jerusalem.The three religions mixed rectangular degree referred to as the religions of Abraham through Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.Jerusalem inside the historic language method that the foundation of God.

Main Difference Between Abu Dhabi and Jerusalem

  1. The common day-by-day charge (consistent with the person) in Jerusalem is $ 80 8, while the standard day-by-day charge in Abu Dhabi is $ 131. These expenses encompass lodging (it takes 2 stays, consequently the mortal stocks a room), meals, transportation, and diversion
  2. Consequently the gap beneath the Emirate of Abu Dhabi is 972 sq. kilometres. This shows that Abu Dhabi is almost doubly the size of Jerusalem.
  3. Abu Dhabi is without a doubt twenty-seven meters on the pinnacle of water degree that should not be surprising due to the fact it’s miles discovered on the pinnacle of the island and consequently the peak of Jerusalem is 754 meters on the pinnacle of water degree. This is mostly a brand that Jerusalem can be a mountainous region.
  4. Although the call Jerusalem comes from the primary Amarna alphabet and character lifestyle.
  5. Abu Dhabi became at the start derived from the historic Arabian Peninsula with an adequate definition of a critical element of the land.


Both Jerusalem and Abu Dhabi rectangular degree as absolutely exclusive as any 2 towns inside the international, notwithstanding their presence inside the equal space, inside the geographic region.

Jerusalem consists of a ton of records to permit to its visitors and its oldsters because of its rich lifestyle and traditions.

But because of chronic wars and opportunity authorities issues, it is needed to relinquish its numerous one-of-a-kind values. Abu Dhabi is an ideal city that glows in the evening. it is constantly jammed with satisfied oldsters WHO come returned for vacations and different mystery functions.


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