Difference Between Adata sd700 and Adata sd600q (With Table)

For optimum performance in your device, the data and memory of the devices are stored in digital format on a memory card or an external solid-state drive. Both the Adata sd700 and sd600q are high-quality and fast external solid-state drives that may be utilised in smartphones, laptops, tablets, and gaming consoles.

Although the Adata sd700 and sd600q memory cards appear to be almost identical, there are a few essential variances when comparing them side by side.

Adata sd700 vs Adata sd600q

The main difference between Adata sd700 and Adata sd600q is that the Adata sd700 has a smaller storage capacity and faster performance. On the other hand, the Adata sd600q has a larger storage capacity but slower performance.

Difference Between Adata sd700 and Adata sd600q

The Adata sd700 SSD is a storage device that is both fast and trustworthy. It’s a tough and portable SSD that comes with USB 3.1 Type-A and Type-C connections, allowing you to connect it to both desktops and laptops. You won’t have to worry about getting damaged when you take it outside or on vacation because it’s rated IP68 waterproof and dust-proof.

The Adata sd600q SSD device is effortless to use, light and portable and has a beautiful design. The hard drive has a metal casing and may be used with various operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. It comes in three colours: black, blue, and red, and includes a USB 3.2 Gen 2 interface. For improved performance and endurance, the drive employs 3D NAND flash memory.

Comparison Table Between Adata sd700 and Adata sd600q

Parameters of ComparisonAdata sd700Adata sd600q
SpeedAdata sd700 is quicker than Adata 600q.The Adata sd600q is slower than the Adata 700. 
CapacityThe Adata sd700 features a 256GB storage capacity, less than the Adata sd600q.The Adata sd600q has a storage capacity of 480GB.
DescriptionThe Adata sd700 is a solid-state drive that delivers top gaming performance, high-end quality, and lightning-fast speed.The Adata sd600q is a solid-state drive with excellent performance, speed, and design.  
Rating Adata sd700 has a higher rating,Adata sd600q have a lower rating than Adatasd700.
Cost   The Adata sd700 is expensive.The Adata sd600q is a low-cost storage device.
Model Adata sd700 Adata sd600q

What is Adata sd700?

The Adata SD700 SSD is a quick and dependable storage device. It’s currently available in two capacities, 128GB and 256GB, and it costs under $100 if you opt for the smaller capacity. 

If you’re looking for an external solid-state drive that provides cross-platform storage for all devices, this is an excellent choice. With USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C connectivity, the Adata SD700 SSD is compatible with all computers, tablets, smartphones and other devices that have a USB Type-C port.

The Adata SD700 SSD comes in an IP68 certified rugged enclosure that’s dust-proof and waterproof. The drive can be submerged to a depth of five feet without any damage to the drive. 

It also features a shock sensor that turns off the drive when dropped from heights up to 6.5 feet. The Adata SD700 SSD also has military-grade MIL-STD 810G 516.6 drop test certification that ensures its durability in extreme conditions such as high altitudes and temperature changes.

The Adata SD700 SSD is powered by a Silicon Motion SM2258 controller paired with 3D TLC NAND flash memory chips from Micron/Intel that gives sequential speed.

What is Adata sd600q?

The Adata sd600q is an external solid-state drive that offers devices high-quality performance, high speed, fantastic design, satisfactory quality, good sharing capacity, and multi-platform storage access. It has a storage capacity of 480GB. The package includes a USB Type C to C cable and a USB Type C to A cable. The device is available in four colours: silver, grey, gold, red, and blue. It has a warranty period of 3 years with free technical support on call.

The ADATA SD600Q adopts the latest 3D NAND flash chip technology known for its durability and reliability. This advanced technology allows multiple layers of memory cells to be stacked vertically, which results in higher density without compromising the speed and reliability of the SSD. 

It is equipped with NVMe technology, which enables it to perform faster than traditional SSDs by offering sequential read/write speeds up to 560/510 MB per second. The device allows for fast data transfer with its USB Type C interface, supporting the USB 3.1 Gen2 standard.

The compact format of this SSD makes it easy to carry around, while its exterior casing provides adequate protection against dust and shock. This device comes with a silicone sleeve.

It is most commonly used for storing all your important photos, videos and music in one place without any trouble, along with any other files that you want to keep on it that does not fit on your laptop or desktop computer due to its insufficient capacity or for added security or privacy depending on your need.

Main Differences Between Adata sd700 and Adata sd600q 

  1. The Adata sd700 is quicker and has a higher rating than the Adata600q, whereas the Adata600q is slower and has a lower rating than the Adata700.
  2. Model Adata sd700 is found in Adata sd700. Adata sd600q, on the other hand, is located in the model Adata sd600q.
  3. The Adata sd700 is a solid-state drive with good performance, speed, and design, whereas the Adata sd600q has outstanding performance, speed, and innovation.
  4. The Adata sd700 is more expensive, while Adata sd600q is less expensive.
  5. The Adata sd700 has a storage capacity of 256GB, which is lower than the Adata sd600q, which has a storage capacity of 480GB.


The Adata sd700 and sd600q memory cards are two different memory cards. Adata’s sd700 and sd600q are both covered by a lifetime guarantee. If the card becomes faulty after regular usage, it can be replaced. The Adata sd700 is a high-priced SSD with ultra-fast performance, but the Adata sd600q is a low-cost SSD with high-quality performance, so it’s really up to the individual and their demands, or the machine that can handle a class 4 sd600q card.


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