Difference Between Adequan and Legend (With Table)

Do you raise horses? If you are doing, maybe you’ve got already bumped into some mind distressful conditions that your equines sometimes expertise just like the questionable non-infectious chronic joint diseases that contribute to your horses being lame. To counter such, veterinarians square measure victimization specialty medications that square measure aforesaid to alleviate the condition effectively. 2 of that square measure Adequan and Legend.

Adequan vs Legend

The main difference between Adequan and Legend is that  each joint therapy is helpful in preventing and treating of different types of  inflammation in joints. However, they’re employed by the body in numerous ways that. Some horse’s joint issue could answer Adequan, some could answer Legend, and a few might have each therapy. They’re not interchangeable medications.

Difference Between Adequan and Legend

Adequan is a polysulfated glycosaminoglycan (PSGAG) verified to own AN medication results within the body. It’s a prescription item, administered intramuscularly, and involves a loading dose program ab initio, then tapers off to at least one injection per month. Adequan (seven vials) sells for around $280 or $40 per injection. The likelihood is that you’ll be able to provide it to the horse yourself.

Concentrating on it at $40/month is comparatively low compared to Legend or most oral supplements. Adequan is safe. Few reactions or facet effects are rumored, and horses appear to tolerate the 5cc injection well. It’s legal for many competitions, and purchasers of UN agencies use it always report enhancements in their horse’s movement and performance within one or two weeks.

Legend is additionally a prescription injectable. It consists of four ccs of hyaluronan given intravenously. It will be given as a series of loading doses like Adequan, and it eventually also will taper off to at least one injection per month for many horses. Because it should be administered intravenously, you’ll like a vet to distribute it in most cases. Herein lies one in all the challenges.

Legend will be purchased in the same six-pack, which is competitively priced at around $468 (or $78 per Dose). That’s nearly double the price of Adequan and still doesn’t embrace the costs involved in the vet starting up and giving the injection. Legend additionally has a superb medication result within the body and is legal for many competitions. Legend works among days of being offered, making it an excellent unpunctual option to facilitate tuning a horse up for a show.

Comparison Table Between Adequan and Legend

Parameters of ComparisonAdequanLegend
ConstituentIts primary constituent may be a polysulfated glycosaminoglycan.Its primary constituent is mucopolysaccharide.
AffectIt affects the animal tissue matrix of a joint.It involves the secretion cells around a joint capsule.
Loading Dose  The loading dose is given each four days for twenty-eight days, seven times in total.The loading dose is given once every week for four weeks.  
AdministrationIt is injected into the muscles.               It’s injected into the veins.
ResultsThis  measure noticeable among some days.This   measure noticeable among one or period.
CostIt is  cheaper .It’s costly.

What is Adequan?

Adequan has been seen as the more practical drug selection once it involves the condition described above, mainly after you square measure talking a couple of long-run profit. There square measure several reasons why vets came to the present conclusion.

Adequan is dubbed because the 1st selection medication to counter chronic joint diseases like inflammatory disease. In technical terms, Adequan is thought of as polysulfated glycosaminoglycan ‘” the natural building blocks for the horse’s animal tissue conjure. Thus, for them to own the healthiest joints attainable, they need to all take one thing that promotes the expansion of healthy animal tissue. This is often precisely the reason why Adequan has been before the competition.

When injected, this drug penetrates deeply into the joints and mixes itself with the opposite natural elements that commonly develop the joints.

Competing medicine to Adequan go together with alternative active elements like chondroitin salt and glucosamine that square measure hardly absorbed within the horse’s gut unless they’re 1st combined with a definite complicated massive molecule ‘” the polysulfated glycosaminoglycan.

What is Legend?

Legend is another drug to manage or forestall stable conditions. However, this is often totally different from Adequan because its part is mucopolysaccharide (HA). This acid is the primary part of the horse’s natural joint fluid (the ones answerable of lubricating the two meeting bones at the common junction). By injecting directly into the joints, Legend achieves the aforesaid lubricating result and a therapeutic medication reaction.

The medication reaction is doable in as short as two days to a whole week. This is often why Legend is prescribed for those that need to own a quicker fascinating modification on their equine joints (short-term). For Adequan, it’s aforesaid to serve its primary purpose some eight weeks from the injection date (long-term). This is often enough time for the broken animal tissue to heal and provides the common a healthier area for the coming wear and tear.

Unlike alternative medications, the angular distance in Legend naturally happens within the horse’s system. Thence it can’t be detected as a positive intake of prohibited medicine for the horses that interact significantly in equestrian events.

Main Difference Between Adequan and Legend

  1. Adequan consists of polysulfated glycosaminoglycan, whereas Legend has mucopolysaccharide.
  2.  Adequan has longer-lasting results that take your time to figure not like Legend incorporates a shorter-term effect nevertheless heals the condition a great deal faster.
  3. Adequan is injected into the muscles, whereas Legend is injected into the veins.
  4. The results of Adequan square measure noticeable among some days whereas that of Legend square measure noticeable among one or period.
  5. Adequan is on the cheaper finish, whereas Legend is dearer.


Adequan and Legend square measure two medications that affect the joint health of horses, particularly those concerned with sports. They need many variations between them, from composition to administration. Firstly, the first ingredients of Adequan and Legend square measure differently, affecting other elements of the joint.

Moreover, whereas Adequan is given through the muscles, Legend is passed through the veins. Adequan shows its ends up in simply some days whereas, for Legend, the results are seen abundant later in a couple of weeks or 2. even though each has its facet effects, Adequan is thought to be comparatively safer and even cheaper than Legend.


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