Difference Between Air France and British Airways (With Table)

Airlines are one of the best traveling ways for people. People can choose the airlines on the basis of customer treatment, safety, rating, and convenience. There are many airlines that are good competitors of each other due to similar rankings or popularity.

Air France and British Airways are two renowned airlines that came as a savior for travelers. The comparison between these four-star airlines is mainly due to their services, reputation, and popularity.

Air France vs British Airways

The main difference between Air France and British Airways is reputation and class availability for people. The Air France airline has business and standard business class along with two other classes of service provided to the travelers. On the other hand, the service provided to the customer in British Airways is divided into four classes. In these four classes, British Airlines doesn’t have a Business class, or standard business class, but has many different types of classes.

Air France vs British Airways

Air France Airlines are well known for their top rating customer services and comfort provided to the customers. The growing demand for Air France is more, as it is the official airline that has a partnership with the Cannes Film Festival.

British Airways is one of the best airlines that is known for good security and treatment provided to the customers. British Airways would not be providing as many destinations as provided by Air France but has many major places on its list. This popular airline from the United Kingdom is a big competitor for other airlines as it is known for providing better security to the people.

Comparison Table Between Air France and British Airways

ParametersAir FranceBritish Airways
Reputation        The reputation of Air France airlines is due to their origin, treatment, and service.  The reputation of British Airways is due to their comfort, origin, and treatment provided to the people.
Introduced by   France is responsible for introducing the Air France airlines to the people.      The United Kingdom is responsible for introducing British Airways.
Security             Air France is a good airline, but it has a history of accidents.  The history of accidents of British Airways is less as compared to the Air France.
Ranking                       Air France has secured its place in rank 8 in the list of best airlines.   British Airways has secured 4th rank in the list of well-known airlines.
Treatment                 The treatment of Air France is great in almost all the classes and would be worth the penne paid for it.   The treatment given by British Airways would depend on the class of service. The top class would give better service, as compared to the lower classes.

What is Air France?

Air France-KLM is responsible for controlling and managing the working of Air France. The Air France airline is a great option for people that wants to travel to Lyon, Toulouse, and Bordeaux. Air France is all about the comfort provided to the person.

There are many features and facilities that everyone can get from the Air France airline. Previously, the Air France airline was known for providing better comfort to the passenger that is having a short journey. The Air France airline is now come up with new features and better-comforting treatments for the passengers with long flight hours.

Air France airlines had met around 93 accidents that can create doubts about the security of Air France. People that travel for business matters would see many facilities provided by Air France for making their journey easy and comfortable.

What is British Airways?

British Airways are good for people that love hygiene and cleanliness. British Airways would provide the facilities to the passengers to purchase food and drinks as British Airways would not include free food or drinks in their tickets. The destinations covered by British Airways are not more than 183 as they are not linked to many places.

The guidelines and boarding rules for British Airways are decided by the company authorities and chairperson. There are many extra services that would be provided by the service provider without charging any additional money. Nowadays, British Airways are providing charging options to the passenger for meeting the modern requirements of the passenger.

British Airways have met less number of accidents that are around 12 accidents. This can be another point that lifts the reputation of British Airways due to better performance and fewer incidents.

Main Differences Between Air France and British Airways

  1. Air France is known for providing great service in all the classes of the flight. On the other hand, British Airways are better at providing great service for the premium or top classes.
  2. Air France has secured rank 8 in the list of top flights. On the other hand, rank 4 is given to British Airways for its performance.
  3. Air France includes complimentary food and drinks for the passengers. On the other hand, passengers can purchase food and drink on British Airways flights as the complementary foods and beverages are not included in the price paid for the tickets.
  4. Air France is a well-known airline for reaching around 211 destinations or places. On the other hand, British Airways are known for covering or reaching around 183 places or destinations.
  5. The Air France airline was first introduced by France in 1933. On the other hand, British Airways came into the role in 1974 and was introduced by the United Kingdom.


Air France and British Airways are two of the most popular airlines available for providing top-quality services to passengers. Air France airlines are older than British airlines. These two airlines are the biggest competitors of each other as both of these give high-rated services and facilities to the travelers.

Business travelers would find both Air France and British Airways great for providing relaxation, better service, and comfort. These two airlines have differences in their fleet size and boarding guidelines. The destinations included in the travel lists of these two airlines would be different to some extent.

Therefore, people can decide the airlines based on the destinations they are going to choose. In the case of security, British Airways are more trusted due to fewer incidents or accidents.