Difference Between AirAsia and Vistara (With Table)

No one could possibly imagine that people could travel into the skies hundreds or thousands of years from now; humanity was restricted to land and sea transportation. And the future was, by all accounts, a bleak one. But as time passed, modernization took hold, and we’re seeing the results for ourselves: men have developed the seemingly impossible conceivable. 

An instance of this is an airline, which is a company that offers standard public air travel on various routes. Passengers are not only able to go from place to place by plane, but they can also take advantage of their flight fate to travel around the country or even abroad!

AirAsia vs Vistara

The main difference between Air Asia and Vistara is that Air Asia caters to clients searching for low-cost flights. On the other hand, Vistara is for those who want luxury, peace, and a superior traveling experience, even if they have to spend somewhat more. Air transportation is a necessary aspect of economic expansion and development. Air travel promotes reintegration into the international market and increases vital linkages for commerce and economic possibilities on a local, continental, and worldwide level.

AirAsia vs Vistara

Because of its excellent service, Air Asia has been named Skytrax the World’s Best Low-Cost Airline. It was crowned the country’s best minimal rate airline eleven times between 2009 and 2019, and another eight times between 2013 and 2020. It is apparent that the reduced ticket prices are the primary reason customers pick AirAsia. In addition, AirAsia provides ticket reductions for both domestic and international flights. To make this even more preferable, AirAsia also provides ticket and seat reductions on both carry-on baggage and checked baggage.

Including its comfy furniture, generous inflight lunches, and courteous crew, Vistara appears to be able to compete with foreign carriers, even though it’s a national aircraft. It’s easy to see that the airline has such a loyal following. Ever since the beginning, Vistara has consistently maintained outstanding on-time accomplishments, which is the strongest growth among many of India’s domestic flights. Vistara announced that it had managed to carry more than half a million customers in its initial seven months of service.

Comparison Table Between AirAsia and Vistara

Parameters of ComparisonAirAsiaVistara
The fee for flight ticketsLowHigh
Established year19932013
Initiated functions18 November 19969 January 2015
Regular-flyer programBIG Loyalty ProgrammeClub Vistara
Stations165 43

What is AirAsia?

AirAsia is a Malaysian low-cost carrier headquartered in Kuala Lampur. The AirAsia Group operates national and international air travel to over 165 destinations in 25 countries, seeking to make it Malaysia’s leading airline in passengers carried and destinations. The company’s main hub is Klia2, a low-cost connector in Selangor, Malaysia.

AirAsia was founded in 1993 and began service on November 18, 1996. DRB-HICOM, a state corporation, founded it. Longtime Time Warner CEO Tony Fernandes, as well as Kamarudin Meranun’s company Tune Air, purchased the deeply indebted airline in 2001.

AirAsia’s operations boost financial operations, benefiting not just the airline’s working parents, but also other participants in the travel and tourism sector. In addition to its reduced rate marketing strategy, AirAsia owes a great deal to its staff members. Low-cost airlines have come a long way since the idea was first introduced.

Air Asia has significantly increased their route network, managed to improve its advertisements, and continued to expand its facilities. As a result, AirAsia has established itself as being among the industry’s most popular airlines.

What is Vistara?

Vistara is a joint operation of Tata Sons with Singapore Airlines. Its name is derived from the Sanskrit term “Vistara,” which means “limitless growth.” It started as a national deluxe air carrier in 2015 but now has an aircraft of over 30 planes, which would include Airbus A320 as well as Boeing 737 aircraft, traveling to about 20 destinations, mostly in India, but it has recently introduced international routes to Singapore, Dubai, and Bangkok.

Vistara has been recently listed as the sixth-largest national aircraft, and it really is already on its form towards becoming a well-known airline company, having just recently received permission from the Indian government to deal with international air travel. The airline’s global expansion plans have been made public, including international journeys from India.

For its regional expansion, the airline plans to purchase more Boeings. As per the airline, the expansion of international flights will initiate in Europe and Asia before progressing to America and Australia. Vistara’s organization, which would be assisted and funded by Singapore Airlines, has become one of the company’s major advantages in India.

Vistara will most likely need to expand its system platforms, which further currently incorporate United States, Singapore, British, as well as Japan Airlines, to make its international flights more profitable. Despite a multitude of problems, Vistara is trying to look to the international market for planned expansion and other prospects.

Main Differences Between AirAsia and Vistara

  1. In comparison to Vistara, AirAsia has a lower baggage limit.
  2. Total flights for AirAsia India could very well significantly raise by 3.57 percent, whereas the Vistara’s will raise by 21.73 percent.
  3. AirAsia is a 3-Star Low-Cost Aircraft, whereas Vistara is a 4-Star Poor Airline.
  4. AirAsia has a fleet of 255 aircraft (including sister companies), while Vistara has a fleet of 51.
  5. Tune Group is the parent organization of AirAsia, while Tata Sons are the controlling shareholder of Vistara.


Because of the opportunity to navigate anywhere, globalization has acquired a new aspect; almost every location on the planet can indeed be managed to reach by flight. Our huge world has shrunk down to a tiny group of individuals who could really share cultural identities, concepts, and far more.

The air transportation industry in India, which also includes air carriers and their production lines, is expected to generate $13 billion in GDP. The aviation sector contributes 15 % of the nation’s GDP, as do international visitors who arrive by plane.

The two of the most popular air carriers, AirAsia and Vistara, focus on providing top-quality services to their customers. For their own amenities and outstanding service, they have received numerous awards. Despite stiff competition inside the aviation sector, AirAsia, as well as Vistara, have emerged victorious.


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