Difference Between AISI and ASTM (With Table)

The American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) area trade standards for iron and steel production and grading. Whereas each area unit is involved with iron and steel, these agencies have heaps of variations. AISI could be a North American association, whereas ASTM is a global one.


The main difference between ASTM and AISI is that ASTM stands for the American Society for Testing and Materials and the AISI stands for the American Iron and Steel Institute. whereas each these agencies turn out and maintain standards for metallic  materials and product, the AISI is a lot of specific on iron steel whereas the ASTM encompasses a larger space of coverage for materials like crude oil, rubber and a lot of. There are over 12000 standards of ASTM used nowadays all round the world. There square measure over 30000 technical consultants worldwide that square measure conducive to the management of the ASTM standards. it’s associate degree institute that produces testing ways, classifications of materials, specifications and steerage for each shoppers and suppliers.

Difference Between AISI and ASTM

AISI conjointly best-known fully because the American  Iron and Steel Institute is one of the oldest trade associations set within the America. Though the AISI dates back to as so much as 1855, its gift kind was assumed within the year 1908. The explanation for the muse of  AISI was to cater to the iron and steel industries.

Each of the iron and steel industries had some needs regarding the data investigation. The creation of a forum where the intricacies bearing on iron and steel may well be mentioned and solved. The American Iron and Steel Institute aims to influence public policy while conjointly educating folks and producing popular opinion on the industry to nurture its growth. The American Iron and Steel Institute is also concerned with creating a safer and highly profitable sector.

On the opposite hand, the ASTM, as best-known by its full name, the American Society for Testing and Materials, was established somewhere within the late 1800s. Unlike the AISI, which solely considers steel and iron elements, the ASTM has become one of the biggest standards developers across the world.

 This implies that the American Society for Testing and Materials isn’t solely concerned with the standards for iron and steel, but conjointly of various alternative substances. Except for each iron and steel element, the ASTM standards conjointly embody alternative elements regarding many industries. From nonferrous metal products, crude products, fossil fuels, paints and aromatics, nuclear, electrical, and physical science, textiles, rubber, plastics, water and setting technology, star and heat, and medical services and devices.

Comparison Table Between AISI and ASTM

Parameters of ComparisonAISI       ASTM
Full formAmerican Iron and Steel InstituteAmerican Society for Testing and Materials  
AimTo produce awareness among the mass regarding the style, changes, and basic info of the iron and steel industryTo check, classify and specify the merchandise and materials, generate awareness and steering for each the ends – suppliers still as customers
HeadquartersNew YorkWest Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, northwest of urban center
ProductsSteel and ironWide vary of merchandise and services like non-ferrous metal merchandise, fossil fuels, crude merchandise, paints, electrical, nuclear, electronic, aromatics, rubber, textiles, plastic, and others  
PrincipleBuild foundation for the industries of iron and steelCreation of standards of any product production and development  

What is AISI?

AISI is one of all the oldest trade associations within u. s.. it was created to cater to the iron and steel industries’ would like for info, investigation, and a forum wherever issues are mentioned and solved. It aims at influencing public policy, educating folks, and shaping popular opinion on the industry to sustain its growth. It’s additionally involved with creating the industry safer and additional profitable.

AISI is promoting the concept of securing an oversized market share within the world’s iron industry. It aims at creating the North American industry to grow larger, additional profitable, and well-revered within the international market.

What is ASTM?

ASTM was supported within the late 1800s and has become one of all the biggest standards developers within the world. It’s not solely involved with iron and steel but also many different materials. Other than these two materials, it’s additionally involved with nonferrous metal merchandise, fossil fuel merchandise, fossil fuels, paints and aromatics, textiles, rubber, plastics, electrical and natural philosophy, water and setting technology, nuclear, star and heat energy, medical services and devices.

It develops and produces standards for these materials together with different systems and services. Its members embrace makers, users, and governments from quite a hundred completely different countries. Its membership is voluntary, and its standards area unit those utilized in several American federal laws.

Main Difference Between AISI and ASTM

  1. AISI is the American Iron and Steel Institute, whereas ASTM is the American Society for Testing and Materials.
  2. AISI operates within North America and us solely, whereas ASTM has members from over one hundred countries, creating it a global organization.
  3. AISI cares solely with steel and iron merchandise, whereas ASTM cares with much alternative merchandise together with plastics, rubber, textiles, petroleum, and far a lot of.
  4. The foremost concern of AISI is to create the North American steel and iron business a lot of profitable and safer, whereas ASTM cares with regulation the event and production of various materials employed by the human race.


Both establishments i.e. the AISI and ASTM area unit committed market enlargement yet as market development. Each standards also are concerned within the development of merchandise that may serve the necessities of the community as an entire. Hence, each standards were created and exist to boost the lives of world, whereas additionally being conscious of the interconnection that’s gift between society, the setting, also the economy.


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