Difference Between Amazon and Amazon Prime (With Table)

Technology has consumed the better part of the world with its perks and privileges. And significantly, the existence of the said technology fulfils the majority of the people’s needs in a snap of the finger. With the demanding nature of the current life, everybody needs something that would render them help with the day to day chores, lifting a few of the burdens off the shoulder.

And that is exactly what Amazon and Amazon Prime do as their function, in literal, being much-needed assistance for the entire of the nations.

Amazon vs Amazon Prime

The main difference between Amazon and Amazon Prime is that Amazon doesn’t involve any expenditure in the name of employment, it is a free service that requires no payment to be done to get access to its benefits. On the other hand, Amazon Prime puts forward the necessity of subscription payment.

Difference Between Amazon and Amazon Prime

Amazon is a vast enterprise paving its way through the website, spreading among the realm of online. It has marked its significance in e-commerce. It carries the services of selling books, movies, toys, groceries, cosmetics, electronics, dresses, shirts and much more. Running successfully for years, Amazon tends to hold its name high for the customer service rendered and privacy provided.

Amazon Prime has its roots emerging from Amazon but it has an array of enhanced benefits as well. Unlike Amazon, Amazon Prime is not a free service. So it takes charge and payment for its subscription which can be paid as the monthly or yearly fee. Despite the certain amount cost in charge of subscription and prime membership, the advantages like improved delivery speed would definitely make it worthy of it.

Comparison Table Between Amazon and Amazon Prime

Parameters Of ComparisonAmazonAmazon Prime
Type of WebsiteIt is considered to be a public website.It is a subscription involved services website.
SubscriptionIt includes no subscription fee or any membership mandatory.It has a subscription fee, paid monthly or yearly depending on the services required by the customers.
Delivery TimeThe products will be delivered depending on the availability of the products and from where they are shipped. But delivered on or before the time estimated.The products will be delivered comparatively faster for Prime users. Since it has a 2-day shipping policy.
PaymentThe money will be charged according to the price of the products with the delivery charge included.Free delivery charge for the Prime users.
SignificanceAccessed by many people without any payment involved except for the products bought.Prime subscription validates many perks like free and faster delivery.

What is Amazon?

Amazon.com is esteemed as an American tech multinational enterprise. It has interests in e-commerce, artificial intelligence, digital streaming and cloud computing. It is the parent firm that offers regular delivery for things ordered via its website. Mostly, the items ordered would be delivered by the estimated time mentioned.

Amazon.com is established in 1994, by Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon. Initially, it was an online bookstore that eventually spread its contributions in relation to the various essential items and began the journey of successful online shopping worldwide.

Amazon holds an expanded variation of products and services ranging from books, make-up kits, wardrobe apparel, fancy items, toys to groceries, blankets, kitchen necessities, electronic appliances, personal care and more. The products provided are in-house and from other countries imported as well.

Apart from the products, Amazon also yields services such as Amazon Alexa, Amazon Appstore, Amazon CloudFront, Amazon S3, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, Amazon ElastiCache, Amazon Relational Database Services. The key working of Amazon business that boosts up its success has to be because of its high-quality customer assistance, and their reasonable price for the selling products. So this induces and assures people of the best quality from the Amazon company.

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is one of the services provided by Amazon. It is an optional subscription or membership service. If willing to gain from the service, the person has to go for the subscription and pay a certain amount monthly or yearly depending on the requirement.

Though a few might consider the amount to be a bit expensive and not essential, considering the fact that the services are also rendered free cost on the Amazon website, Amazon Prime tends to be high on the convenience side if obtained. Despite the cost of the subscription, people appeared to like this service more for its enhanced uses like improved and much faster delivery time like 2-day delivery.

Also, Amazon Prime subscribers have the privileges of free delivery charge and reasonably reduced cost for some of their products. It rejects deliveries for any items that are not eligible for Amazon Prime delivery such as magazine subscriptions, personalised gift cards.

People with valid debit or credit cards can take the advantage of Amazon Prime’s 30 days free trial. This will give an overall idea of how wonderful the aspects of this advanced form of technology is, that is, Amazon Prime. If not interested after the free trial, they can decide to withdraw and not go for the full subscription.

There is also an additional benefit of sharing their Amazon Prime advantages with the maximum of 4 other family members of the same household or 4 co-workers under Amazon corporate account. Amazon Prime offers the best customer services and highly assured privacy and security.

Main Differences Between Amazon and Amazon Prime

  1. Amazon is a website with free services. So anyone can attain the benefits of purchasing online without spending more on anything other than buying items. Amazon Prime requires the subscription and the fee has to be paid to use.
  2. Amazon is a public website and Amazon Prime is regarded as the one of the services provided by Amazon.
  3. Comparatively, Amazon Prime subscribers hold enhanced benefits like reduced cost prices for several items. This can’t be attained by an Amazon user without Prime subscription.
  4. Free delivery is a part of the deal for Amazon Prime users. While Amazon users have to pay the required shipping charge for the products ordered.
  5. Amazon Prime users also get a discount on several services like FreeTime Unlimited.


The world runs at a fast pace, thus time has become even more valuable. Technology like Amazon eases up the situation with the services and products provided through its business. Ranging from the house needed things, kitchen electronic appliances, Kindle, Hardcopies books, Jewelry to many more things, everything is covered by Amazon. The most amazing benefit of all is that it all reaches us at our doorstep, sometimes with no delivery charges.

It is flourishing because of its innovative strategies to meet the customer’s satisfaction. Amazon’s invention is still reaching the height with more new essential products brought up to the people by the company. It is, indeed, a much-needed help that is highly appreciated by people from children to adults for its quality and benefits.


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