Difference Between Bedbug Bites and Mosquito Bites (With Table)

Bites of bedbugs and mosquitoes have lots of traits in common but are different from each other. But the problem is they are hard to determine. There are even people who don’t even know what a bedbug is. 

Bed bugs and mosquitoes are different from each other. They bite differently and in distinct places of the body. 

BedBug Bites vs Mosquito Bites

The main difference between the bites of bed bugs and mosquitoes is that the bedbug bite in clusters. On the other hand, mosquito bites occur just once. When a bedbug bites on your body, there occurs a lot of small redness bump around a large area making a zigzag like structure. When a mosquito bites on any part of the body, there occurs only one small redness bump unless there is a large number of mosquitoes. 

Difference Between Bedbug Bites and Mosquito Bites 1

A bedbug is a type of insect, and its bite can cause a lot of damage to human health. They generally prefer to bite on exposed skin. They crawl inside your clothes and bite the skin, which causes a lot of red patches on the affected area. One can protect himself by excessive clothing. A bedbug can only be controlled by doing pest control.

Mosquitoes also belong to the category of insect. They also prefer to bite on exposed skin but they do not fly inside your cloth. They bite the skin from outside which causes random red patches, mainly one on the skin. One can protect himself by wearing full clothes and some ointments in the market that can protect from mosquito bites. 

Comparison Table Between Mosquito Bite and Bed Bug Bite

PropertiesBedbug BitesMosquito Bites
DiseaseBedbug bites cause many diseases such as a chronic attack, stress, asthma, anaemia, red spots, skin infection, anxiety, anaphylaxis and other psychological effects.Mosquito bites can cause hazardous health. According to research, it was estimated that the disease caused by the bite of mosquito kill more than 725,000 people all over the world. The common disease caused by mosquito bites is Malaria, Dengue Fever, West Nile Fever, Zika etc.
LocationBedbugs bite that part of your which meets the mattress. They crawl inside the cloth to suck the blood out of the body.Mosquitoes bite all over the skin randomly. They bite on the visible part of the body.
SymptomsSymptoms of Bedbugs are not easily visible. It can minutes, hours and even a day to show up. They do not itch immediately but as the symptoms get visible, they also begin to itch. They do not self resolve. Ointments will do but sometimes, you do need some medication.One can easily see the symptoms of mosquitoes. As they instantly begin to itch and become visible. These bites are self-resolved means they can cure.  
TreatmentMost of the time it does not need treatment. But if one is feeling like closing their throat then he or she must consult a doctor. The basic treatment includes washing the affected area with soap and water. Do not scratch the area as it will lead to infection. Use antiseptic lotions for relief. And if needed take an over-the-counter antihistamine.The casual treatments of mosquito bites are the same as the treatment of bedbug bites. But if you have a high fever and feel like vomiting, then you must consult a doctor. 
Long-lasting effectGenerally, the symptoms of bedbug bites take a longer time to show up Therefore, the effects of bedbug bites are for a longer duration. The symptoms of mosquito bites become visible immediately. Therefore, it does not last long. And if you sit alone i.e., do not scratch, it will disappear very quickly. 
Itching In the case of a bedbug bite, itching does not start suddenly. First bumps and redness occur, and then only there will be itching.In the case of a mosquito bite, itching starts immediately. And sometimes it gives a sensation that itching started before bumps or redness.

What are Mosquito Bites?

Mosquitoes are insects that have over spec1000 species. They are present all over the world. Female mosquitoes suck human and animal blood because they need protein and iron for laying eggs. After sucking the blood, they start finding water bodies, where they can lay eggs. Eggs then convert into larvae, then pupae, and finally turn into an adult. 

The female mosquitoes can live up to ten-week, while a male mosquito generally lives up to 10 days. Some female mosquitoes hibernate during winter and can live for months. 

Mosquito bites can lead to several health problems such as chikungunya, malaria, dengue, zika virus etc. Mosquitoes are the mode of transmission of viruses and disease. But one protects himself by taking all the preventive steps like using an insect repellent whenever going outside, covering up the body, not leaving your tanks open etc.

What are BedBug Bites?

Bedbugs are the animals that feed on mammals by sucking the blood out from the body. Due to the absence of wings, they are dependent on humans and animals to carry them. They come along with all the second-hand stuff in the house. 

Bedbug bites are itchy but not very dangerous. They cause serious problems in an allergic person. Consult a doctor if you feel serious problems. 

Bed Bugs can only be treated by doing pest control. But there are some measures like washing your clothes, hand, house material regularly, carrying luggage racks etc can be taken.

Main Difference Between Bedbug Bites and Mosquito Bites

  1. Bed bugs crawl inside the cloth. WhileMosquitoes do not fly inside the cloth for sucking blood.
  2. Lots of red bumps occur when a bedbug bites. While random red bumps, mainly one or two, occur when a mosquito bites.
  3. Bedbug bites start itching after some time. Mosquito bites start itching suddenly.
  4. Bedbugs bite live for several days, while mosquito bites do it last long.


Whether it is a bedbug bite or a mosquito bite, they itch a lot and cause uneasiness in humans. Scratching the affected area can lead to several other infections.


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