Difference Between Cisco NCS and ASR (With Table)

Cisco is one of the most valuable company of the world as far as the arena of IT and networking is concerned. It specializes in cybersecurity, IoT (Internet of Things), routers, etc. NCS and ASR are the router series of Cisco, which has been working relentlessly towards laying a strong foundation of new internet.

Cisco NCS vs ASR

The main difference between Cisco NCS and ASR is that the Cisco NCS has a smaller customer base. Therefore, its market size is low and data centers are also lesser in number. On the other hand, Cisco ASR is at a comparatively better position when it comes to the customer base, market size, data centers, etc.

Cisco NCS vs ASR

NCS (Network Convergence System) is a router series of the Cisco innovations that has the ability to match the continuously growing bandwidth. It integrates well with today’s networks, applications as well as datacenters. Cisco NCS has made a significant contribution in terms of opening up an entirely new networking dimension that has been allowing the operators to leverage network intelligence for greater revenue streams.

ASR (Aggregation Service Routers) is Cisco’s another router series that has been designed specifically for bigger enterprises and service providers organizations to manage network edge routing. It is well suited for the applications such as streaming sound, video, conferencing, etc., requiring the data transfer capacity to be really high.

 Comparison Table Between Cisco NCS and ASR

Parameters of ComparisonCisco NCSCisco ASR
Stands forNetwork Convergence SystemAggregation Service Routers
LocationsUnited States, North AmericaSpain, Europe
Data centersLessMore
Market SizeLowerHigher
Main SeriesNCS-2000, NCS-4000, NCS-5500, NCS-5700, NCS-6000ASR-900, ASR-1000, ASR-5000, ASR-9000

What is Cisco NCS ?

Cisco Network Convergence System is referred as the central nervous system of the IoE (Internet of Everything) alongwith other products like AST and CRS. It has also coupled with CiscoONE (Open New Environment) and powered with CiscoPowerX1, the very first chip of its kind built with a multi-terabit silicon architecture.

It includes NCS-6000, NCS-4000, NCS-2000 series, which are a part of EPN (Evolved programmable Network) portfolio. NCS-5500 and NCS-5700 series are quite appropriate to be used in the data centers, larger enterprises and service providers networks in order to improve the efficiency in performance and scale for growth.

Cisco NCS integrates well with today’s networks, applications as well as datacenters. It has also presented service providers, a chance to have new experiences by building on their current infrastructure with NCS.

What is Cisco ASR ?

Cisco Aggregation Service Routers series is the best selection for larger enterprises networks and edge routing or higher bandwidth requirements. ASR is also able to secure sensitive data using PSN Interim IPsec Profile besides securing WAN (Wide Area Network) connectivity. Presently there are four series of ASR-900, ASR-1000, ASR-5000, ASR-9000.

These routers are pretty good at handling faster Ethernet owing to their higher port density. Each series of Aggregation Service Routers, ASR-900, ASR-1000, ASR-5000 and ASR-9000, is able to handle upto 100G Ethernet.

In fact, ASR-9000 series is equipped with core routing potential. ASR-9000 comes up with an additional advantage of allowing for upgrading software image and changing modules without influencing the operations.

Moreover, the software used by these router series is also dissimilar. ASR-9000 router series runs on IOS XR (Internetworking Operating System). However, ASR-900 and ASR-1000 runs on IOS XE. Various ASR-series have been designed to target distinct functionaries. ASR-9000 series is suited for communication carriers and service providers whereas ASR-1000 and ASR-900 for the large enterprises.

Main Differences Between Cisco NCS and ASR

  1. Cisco Network Convergence System hosts lesser number of customers, therefore, having a smaller market size than Cisco Aggregation Service Routers, which caters comparatively higher number of customers, and a bigger market size as a result of this.
  2. Cisco Network Convergence System is located in United States of America whereas Cisco Aggregation Service Routers is placed in a European country, Spain.
  3. Main series of Cisco Network Convergence System are NCS-2000, NCS-4000, NCS-5500, NCS-5700, NCS-6000 and that of Aggregate Service Routers are, ASR-900, ASR-1000, ASR-5000, ASR-9000.
  4. Data centers of Cisco Network Convergence System are lesser in number as compared to the Cisco Aggregate Service Routers.
  5. Cisco Network Convergence System has a better ranking than the Aggregation Service Routers.


Ever evolving field of technology and internet was taken up one-step higher by the introduction of NCS and ASR by Cisco. Cisco NCS has helped the networks to become more programmable and open. The capability of ASR to support the higher bandwidth is already very well known. There is no doubt that both these router series of Cisco, Network Convergence System and Aggregation Service Routers are going to much significant role in defining and deciding the future of internet.