Difference Between DJ and MC (With Table)

Whether it’s a party or a club, there is a professional or a team of professionals who are responsible for the entertainment of people. You might have seen a person playing music and one (or more) engaging with the audience. They are none other than DJs and MCs.

DJ vs MC

The main difference between a DJ and MC is that a DJ is a person who selects and plays music and keeps the party going while MC carries the responsibility to host the event, introduce the performers and engage with the audience present there.

DJ vs MC

A DJ’s main responsibility is to play the pre-selected music that will get people dancing. A DJ also mixes different songs together to create new melodies.

The MC on the other hand is responsible for getting people excited about being in the club and making sure that they are enjoying themselves. He or she does this by introducing performers, announcing drink specials, hyping up dancers on the dance floor, etc.

Comparison Table Between DJ and MC

Parameters of ComparisonDJMC
Workselects and plays pre-selected songshosts events
Full-FormDisc JockeyMaster of Ceremony
WorkstationClubs, Weddings, Radio, etcHosts events, ceremonies, conferences
Historical BackgroundFirst heard on radiosAssisted Catholic ceremonies

Who is a DJ?

The word “DJ” is an abbreviation for “disc jockey”. A disc jockey or DJ is a person who plays pre-recorded music for the audience.

DJs are an important part of the music industry. They play music at events, clubs, and parties. They often provide entertainment for weddings, birthdays and other celebrations.

But they are not just limited to playing music at parties or at other events. They are artists who use different techniques to create an emotional and engaging experience for their listeners.

DJs are also be called upon to perform music in a studio setting or on the radio. With the advancement in technology, DJs have found new ways to entertain their audiences.

The most popular way is through the use of laptops which are used to mix songs together and create new sounds while they play live sets. Some DJs use CDJs which allow them to scratch and remix digital files on two turntables as a traditional DJ would do with vinyl records.

The DJ’s role in the modern era of music is constantly evolving. A lot of DJs now produce their own music, which they then mix with other songs in order to produce new compositions. Some DJs even create entire albums for their listeners, rather than just playing one song after another at a party or event.

Who is a MC?

A Master of Ceremonies, or MC, is a person who basically hosts events and parties. Their job differs according to the type of event they are hosting. It might be corporate events, weddings, award shows, and so on.

The role of an MC is to guide the guests throughout the event i.e. from start to the end. They introduce the speakers, performers and keep the audience engaged by making announcements, moderating panels and, facilitating Q&A sessions.

The importance of MCs cannot be underestimated as they are the key players in the event. Since they have to be in front of the guests throughout the event, they have to maintain a decent attitude.

The type of attitude they carry directly affects the mood of the guests. So, they have a huge pressure to keep all their personal problems aside and focus on the how.

MCs have a brilliant command of their speaking skills. And by adding a little sense of humor, they try to make the guests comfortable. The best thing about skilled MCs is that they are always prepared for uncertainties in the events to relax the crowd.

The MCs also know when to keep quiet because they don’t want to steal any of the limelight from the speaker or disrupt the flow of their talk.

Their ultimate goal is to make sure that the event runs smoothly and that all the participants are having a good time.

Main Differences Between a DJ and MC

  1. DJs have the responsibility to play pre-recorded music whereas MCs carry the responsibility to host events and entertain the audience.
  2. DJs mix songs and create new sounds of their own through laptops while MCs introduce the performers, engage with the audience, and smoothly run the event.
  3. DJs came into the industry through radios as they were first heard on the radios while the MCs used to host the Catholic ceremonies.
  4. DJs perform in clubs, parties, weddings, and on other special occasions whereas MCs are seen hosting award shows, events, ceremonies, or similar sort of things.
  5. DJs do not make public appearances. They stay behind their music console while MCs stay on the stage in front of the audience and entertain them through their words.


Although the methods of DJs and MCs are very different, their ultimate goal is to entertain the audience. Entertaining the audience is often seen as an underestimated job in some places.

But this is not hidden from anyone that this is one of the hardest goals to achieve as they have to change their way of entertaining as per the wants of the audience and not theirs.

DJs are often also seen playing the role of MC but MCs do not play music since they have to make announcements also.

Both these roles require a good sense of humor, great skills, timing, creativity, and huge stamina to entertain the audience for long. These roles are something that requires constant improvement.

Nowadays, DJs and MCs are seen having a signature style of their own to attract the audience which makes them unique from others.


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